2016 Lords Army Bible Camp Jr.

2016 Lords Army Bible Camp Sr.

09-04-16 GNBC Daniel 3 & Jesus
delivers us from wrath to come

09-11-16 GNBC Daniel 4 & Grace,
Mercy, Peace come from the Father and Jesus Christ

09-18-16 Handwriting on the Wall

09-25-16 GNBC Daniel 6 & Jesus Christ
is Deliverer and Rescuer

10-02-16 GNBC Daniel 7 & Jesus Christ
shall reign for ever and ever

10-09-16 GNBC Daniel 7 & Jesus Christ
Kingdom is Everlasting Kingdom

10-16-16 GNBC Daniel 8 & Not failed
ONE WORD of all His Good Promise

10-23-16 GNBC Daniel 9 & Tender Mercies of God

10-30-16 GNBC Daniel 9 & He is God, the Faithful God

The Nearness of the Rapture

The Truth about the Trinity

The Blood of Christ

Family Values

Deceit in Churches

Bible Truths

Jesus Christ Propitiation for our Sins

Religion is NOT Christianity

Rest for the Children of God

Saved from Wrath

The Armor of God

The Clarity of the Gospel

The Magnitude of God's Grace

The Rapture, a work of God's Grace

The Security of the Believer

The Wisdom of God

Today's False Teachings

Truth & Clarity in the Gospel

Beautiful portrayal of Love

Born Again

Believers Message

Beware of False Teachings

Bible Doctrine or Religious Doctrine

Bible Truth v Experience

Biblical Baptism

Biblical Christmas

Biblical Prophecy

Biblical Truths

Clarity v. Deceit

A Blessed Christmas

A Christmas Gift of Love

A Christmas Gift that Never Breaks

A Falling Away

A Message in Daniel

A New Creation

A New Creation II

A New Year to Proclaim the Gospel

A Rest for the children of God

Accursed Message of Works

All churches are NOT the same

All of Grace

Always give a clear Gospel

Apostasy in Churches

Are we in the Last Days

Are works necessary for Salvation

Ark of Assurance

Assurance Bible Verses

Can a Christian be Demon Possessed

11-13-16 GNBC Daniel 9 & Truth in Scripture

11-20-16 GNBC Daniel 10 & Word of Truth

11-27-16 GNBC & The Blood

12-04-16 GNBC Matthew 1 & Thou shalt call His Name JESUS

12-11-16 GNBC Matthew 2 & THY WAY may be known

12-18-16 GNBC Blessed be the Name

2016 GNBC Christmas Program

12-25-16 GNBC & Savior Born This Day

01-01-17 GNBC Matthew 3 & Preach the Word

01-08-17 GNBC Matthew 4 & Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom

01-15-17 GNBC Matthew 5 & Attitude

01-22-17 GNBC Matthew 5 (part 2) & Believe on the Name of His Son Jesus Christ

01-29-17 GNBC Matthew 6 & Attitude of Christ

02-05-17 GNBC Pastor Tom Adams

02-12-17 GNBC Matthew 7 & Death and Life
are in the Power of the Tongue

02-19-17 GNBC Matthew 8 & Power of His Word

02-26-17 GNBC Matthew 9 &
Call upon the Name of the Lord

03-05-17 GNBC Matthew 10 & Believe the Gospel

03-12-17 GNBC Matthew 11 &
Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

03-19-17 GNBC Matthew 12 & Jesus is LORD of Sabbath

03-26-17 GNBC & Gospel by Pastor Tom Adams

04-02-17 GNBC Matthew 12 & Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

04-09-17 GNBC Matthew 13 & Four Soils

04-16-17 GNBC Luke 22-24 & Christ is Risen

04-23-17 GNBC Matthew 13 & Seed is Word of God

04-30-17 GNBC Matthew 14 & Love

05-07-17 GNBC & Triumph in Thy Work


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