Lord's Army Youth Group

The Revolution Begins Here.
Lordís Army Youth Group leads youth, ages 13-18, to experience the radical, life-changing love that comes from Jesus. Through powerful fellowship, sharing Godís Word, meaningful prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, we develop a strong relationship with Jesus.

How We Roll
Through multiple activities, small groups, worship, lessons and guest speakers, youth discover; ďGod Loves Me, Iím a Sinner, Christ Died for Me, If I believe, I go to heavenĒ.

Start a Revolution
Check out the site for the 411, and contact us if youíre curious, have burning questions, or just want to know what the snacks will be. Weíre amped to join you on your journey of discovering your God-given passion, purpose and Godís plan your life.

Sunday Service
starts at 9am
at the Good News
Bible Church

Bible Study
is every
Wednesday at 7pm
at the Good News
Bible Church
Good News Bible Church
PO Box 175
Cohasset, MN 55721

(218) 999-9012