Leadership/Contact Us

Good News Bible Church
PO Box 175, Cohasset, MN 55721
(218) 999-9012

Pastor:Ron Giffen
Home Phone: 218-246-9352
Cell Phone: 218-244-5216
Email: rgiffen@paulbunyan.net

Sr. Sunday School Teacher: Jessica Bunker
Jr. Sunday School Teacher: Kris Giffen and Rachel York
Board of Trustees: Herman Giehler, Ronald Hines and Fred Grossman
Board of Elders: Chad Adams, Tom Adams, Ron Giffen,
and Mike York

Lords Army Youth Group Organizers:
Chad and Angela Adams, Kris and Ron Giffen, Anna and Aaron Hines,
Rachel and Mike York, Jessica and Shawn Bunker, and
Karla and Lance Edminster

Lords Army Youth Group Sr. Advisors:
Crystal Orazem, Tara Stewart and Brice Giffen

Sunday Service
starts at 9am
at the Good News
Bible Church

Bible Study
is every
Wednesday at 7pm
at the Good News
Bible Church
Good News Bible Church
PO Box 175
Cohasset, MN 55721

(218) 999-9012